Wireless Internet

Our network provides a consistent speed and level of service to our customers. We continually monitor our network to ensure each and every connection working to it's full potential. 

As our wireless network is solely managed by us, we are able to adapt to changes and provide tailored solutions where necessary.

Our customers also enjoy the freedom of no-term contracts, so there is no lock-in if a better offer comes their way.

The right plan for the right price

Unlimited Plans

3030 Megabit download,
30 Megabit upload
$65per month
5050 Megabit download,
50 Megabit upload
$85 per month
100100 Megabit download,
50 Megabit upload
$115per month

Want faster that 100 Megabit Internet?
 Contact us for options. 

High-Speed plans 

25GB25GB per month
$45per month
50GB50GB per month
$57 per month
90GB90GB per month
$75per month
150GB150GB per month
$90per month
300GB300GB per month
$130per month

  Wireless Internet is not available in all areas, see below for more information. We also provide fibre and VDSL connections for
  areas outside of our wireless coverage. Our prices are set competitively and service and support makes us a smart choice.

  Installation costs apply to all wireless service plans - our standard installation cost is $299

  • Installation involves a single building with a roof pitch of no greater than 30 degrees
  • Requires an installation cable  run of 25 metres or less
  • Can utilize a standard off-the-shelf mounting system
  • Requires an outdoor antenna no larger than 45cm in diameter

    We provide a quote for installations that exceed these conditions 

  All prices include New Zealand GST @ 15%

Can you get Wireless?

Our network coverage is quickly expanding. Connections over wireless require line of sight to one of our broadcast towers. We can provide a free assessment on request to see if you are able to receive wireless internet from us.

Request a site visit

Public IP

We provide public IP addresses to wireless connections upon request.