Cloud Phone

Because business success is a moving target

Take your business with you on the move. With cloud phone systems you get a high level of flexibility for handling calls. The following describe some common scenarios;

I need people to be able to contact me but I also have to work away from the office... 

With smart call-flows, we can direct calls for your office line to your mobile any time. 

I want after hours phone calls to go to my mobile phone for urgent call-out work...

Easy! We can set up schedules so that calls only get diverted outside of your normal business hours.

I have three sales staff and want calls to go to the second staff member if the first one is already on a call...

Not a problem. We can use a queue so that calls go to the group, and only phones that belong to the available staff ring.

This sounds like it might be expensive!

Actually, it's only $15 per month for the first line, and $10 for any additional lines.